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Cell Phone Batteries

We Make Cell Phones Come to Life!!


"FREE " Cell Phone Battery Drawing every month. Get The best price on cell phone batteries and accessories. We have the right battery, for the right phone, for the right Price.


Accessories for most major brand Cell Phones.

Batteries for most major brand Cell Phones.

Protible Travel chargers.

FREE cell phone battery drawing every month.

Hands free systems to keep you safe while driving.

Spare batteries so you can always stay in touch with the world.

Car chargers to keep you cell phone from dieing while traveling.



Why buy from us?
We stand behind YOU and the products we sell. We find the best (cheapest) prices for the highest quality products and sell them directly to the consumer. Why buy form us? Well, why would you buy a cell phone battery at a retail store and pay $50 or $75 when you can get the same battery for half the cost? You wouldn't!! That's the point.

Who are we?
We are nothing more then people like you. We paid outrageous inflated retail prices for our cell phones for years. Every time a battery went bad, got lost, or even got broken (funny how something like a 30 foot drop off a roof can cause a cell phone battery to cease to functioning!) we had to run out to the nearest electronics store.

Finally we got completely fed up with it. We knew that there had to be a better, cheaper way. After doing a little research we found that batteries and accessories for cell phones could be purchased much cheaper. And by selling them via the web you don't need to slap a huge overhead charge onto each item like retail locations need to do. So we did!... Welcome to Cell-Phone-Battery-Sales.com


Check out our products page we're sure that "You won't regret it". If you don't find what your looking for... Then just send us and E-mail and we'll try to get the product for you, or at least show you were you can get it.

Oh yah... and don't forget to enter the drawing for our monthly Battery Give Away.


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